21 June
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Never Confuse Elegance with Snobbery

My Brand was named after My Husband's Nickname

27 May
Artcile published in ellearabia.com

A 70's Inspired with a Parisian Elegance Collection

From an Egyptian father and a French Mother, Mrs. Keepa Mixed Origin to play a big role in her FW016 debut collection inspiration;

27 May
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A Conversation With Mariam Yehya

Egyptian Designer Mariam Yehya started off her career in marketing as a brand communications strategist, but soon came to find that her passion truly lied in designing clothes. Deriving from a family of designers

05 June
Artcile published in anaemraa.com

Mrs. Keepa Brings the 70s Back In her Fw016 Debut Collection

Earth Colors fabrics with a wide range of prints and texture is what dominated the Mrs. Keeps FW016 Debut Collection...

01 May
Artcile published in Khaleej Times

High heel confidential with Brian Atwood

Mrs Keepa has a cosmopolitan vibe, drawing from her own background, but is still very much a label that pays homage to Dubai. The first collection is an ode to the city's architecture. Long, high-waisted trousers resemble Dubai's skyscrapers with their slick endless lines. The bell-shaped sleeves of one of her blouses were inspired by the beautiful curves of the iconic Burj Al Arab. And there is a total feel of boho luxe, as the 70s is the decade that is constantly referred to throughout the collection.

27 April
Artcile published in arabia.style.com

Introducing Mrs. Keepa and the Egyptian Designer Giving Boho Luxe her Personal Twist

To a trained eye, Yehia’s launch collection is rife with ‘70s chic Gucci by Alessandro Michele references speckled with sequined pieces to give it a pop of pizzazz—only without the Gucci price tag. Positioning Mrs. Keepa as a bridge brand (along the likes of Alice McCall and Self-Portrait)

10 May
Artcile published in scoopempire.com

Egyptian Designer Mrs. Keepa Debuts New Line in Dubai

We couldn’t be more excited about the debut of Mrs. Keepa’s collection and the cosmopolitan 70s chic inspired fashion show that hit the mark on Monday last week. Don’t know who Mrs. Keepa is? Let us educate you!

05 May
Artcile published in fustany.com

Mrs. Keepa: The Debut of a Brand That Fuses Luxury and Style

We couldn’t be more excited about the debut of the Mrs. Keepa brand, which we’ve been seeing hints of on Mariam Yehya's Instagram account.

09 May
Artcile published in layalina.com

The “Mrs Keepa” Trade mark emanating from the Middle east

Dubai: Mariam Yehia launched her debut collection bringing back the head to toe classy appearance of the Parisian women.